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Medical Skin Solutions was established in 2014 and is located within the medical clinic, Paradise Point Medical Centre. All of the laser procedures are administered by our laser technician, Kristen, who is Queensland Radiation Laser Certified.
Our skin clinic offers the distinct advantage of having medical practitioners on-hand to consult on skin issues due to our location within an actual medical practice. This also allows access and administering of high quality numbing agents and healing creams which require a medical prescription.

The treatment room within Medical Skin Solutions is approved by the Queensland Local Government Regulators and the Queensland Radiation Health team ensuring that health and safety regulations are adhered to for our clients.

Our reputation on providing informative and professional customer service is complimented by our experience in using the latest in laser skin technology, the PicoSure Laser Machine by Cynosure. The PicoSure machine uses Pressurewave Technology as opposed to Nanosecond technology which provides better results and less discomfort.

We provide the following services:

If you would like to arrange a FREE Consultation with one of our friendly and qualified staff, please contact our Paradise Point Skin Clinic today.