How being self-conscious about your skin is affecting your health

When someone is conscious about the appearance of their skin, it can affect a lot of different areas in their life without them realizing. The following factors can be greatly influenced if someone is not happy with their skin:

Physical Health: People will be less likely to feel like exercising if they’re worried about how they will look. Feeling down can also lead to comfort eating of foods that release a temporary high through sugar and cause even more skin problems.

Mental Health: If you don’t feel good on the outside, you will more than likely be feeling down and low on the inside. This will inadvertently affect your physical health if you start lacking motivation and suffering from low self-esteem.

Social life: As human beings, we need to get out of the house and we need to interact with other people for both of physical and mental health.  If someone is not feeling confident about their skin and appearance in general, they will not feel like being around other people and this in turn will escalate their lack of self confidence.

The good news about this is, that there is a solution to this problem. Whether it be acne scarring, skin pigmentation, tattoo removal or just a need to rejuvenate your skin, our trained and experienced staff can help.

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