Laser Tattoo Removal on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has reputation for beaches, fun and lots of sun. It also has a reputation for beautiful people, and yes, cosmetic surgery often rates a mention. The Gold Coast has an abundance of skin care clinics, laser clinics and cosmetic surgeons but the latest trend to hit the scene is tattoo removal.

There are many reasons people choose to get a tattoo and even more reasons why they decide to have them removed and reclaim their skin. Finding a reputable laser tattoo removal clinic on the Gold Coast can be daunting to some with so many different options available.

So why should you choose Medical Skin Solutions to remove your tattoo?

Our clinic is located within an actual medical centre allowing access to medical practitioners for advise and medical prescriptions if needed.

  • We used the renowned PicoSure Laser to remove the tattoo ensuring minimum discomfort and maximum results.
  • Medical Skin Solutions is registered and authorised to use Laser equipment.
  • Our Laser technician is a registered nurse.
  • We offer a hygienic, sterilized, comfortable and safe environment for all of our procedures.

If you would like any more information on our Gold Coast Laser Tattoo Removal services or arrange a free consultation, please contact our Paradise Point centre today.