Understanding your skin type

Some people just seem to be blessed with naturally beautiful skin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have this. A lot of the problems with skin come from people not understanding their specific skin type and how to look after it.  Everyone is different, everyone’s chemical balance is different, everyone’s skin tolerance is different so understanding your skin type can actually help you understand how to best take care of it.

The different skin types are:

  • Normal – soft, smooth and even skin tone
  • Oily – excess oil on skin caused by overactive sebaceous glands
  • Dry – flaky and often feels tight
  • Sensitive Skin – becomes inflamed and irritated easily
  • Combination Skin – oily skin around the ‘T-zone’ area only

Your skin type is determined purely by genetics, so there’s no use trying to change it! However, if you understand your skin, you will find that your skin can look flawless if you know how to look after it.

Often most skincare products will indicate the specific skin type it is designed for so it’s important to not only research the best option for your skin, but talk to a professional in the industry to get some specific guidance. This is particularly the case for three of the five skin types; dry, sensitive and combination skin types as the wrong treatment could inflame or aggravate the skin.

At Medical Skin Solutions we are trained professionals in identifying skin types and referring the most suitable treatment. Due to our location being in the Paradise Point Medical Centre, we also have unprecedented access to Medical Practitioners who are readily available to assess and consult skin conditions of concern.

If you are interested in the options available for your skin type to rejuvenate and revive your skin, contact our Paradise Point clinic today.