What is a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate?

With so many options available for laser skin treatment and tattoo removal, sometimes people assume that just because a clinic or an owner/operator has the laser equipment, they are automatically certified to use it. This is not the case and is the reason for a majority of botched treatments and sometimes irreversible damage to the skin.

One of the the essential components for an operator to use the laser equipment, in particular the PicoSure Laser which is a Class 4 Laser is for them to have an undergone the required study and hands-on training to attain a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate.

So how does a skin technician acquire a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate?

  • Undergoing an extensive course with a registered training facility
  • Successfully passing a theory exam

The applicant needs to successfully pass the course before beginning their required hands-on training with the equipment including completing required amount of practice hours on the equipment and obtaining a Use License.

Many insurance companies will not insure a business using skin laser equipment if the operator does not hold this certificate.

Our skin technician at Medical Skin Solutions holds the Radiation Safety Officer Certificate and completed the required hours to use the PicoSure Laser machine. If you would like any more information about the experience and qualifications of our staff at our Gold Coast skin clinic, please contact us today.