What is PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal?

The PicoSure Laser made it’s first appearance on the Laser tattoo removal scene in 2013 when medical manufacturer Cynosure released the new laser skin technology to the world.

This was the first new piece of equipment in neally a decade for tattoo removal accessible to the public.  The difference with the PicoSure compared to the other laser tattoo removal machines all came down to the laser. The PicoSure uses 532 nm (nanometer) wavelength with Ultra-short Pulse Duration which is less damaging to the skin and more effective in it’s removal of ink from the skin.

When the PicoSure was released in the United Kingdom, many renowned cosmetic doctors and surgeons embraced the technology. The results spoke for themselves with the PicoSure laser breaking down the ink over serveral treatments to effectively remove tattoos. Trueskin Clinics was the first clinic in the United Kingdom to use the PicoSure Laser for tattoo removal and skin treatments and was run by Cosmetic doctor Tapan Patel.

Doctor Patel best described how the PicoSure laser worked for tattoo removal, “Imagine the ink as rocks. Current laser systems only break the ink into pebbles, but the new laser smashes rocks into fine grains of sand so it delivers far better results.” (source Dailymail.co.uk).

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