When tattoo removals go wrong

The amount of tattoo parlours and people getting tattoos is growing every day and so too is the demand for having many of those tattoos later removed.

Having a tattoo removed is a decision that needs to be taken seriously especially when it comes to choosing a tattoo removal clinic.  Unfortunately we see a lot of tattoo removals that have gone dangerously wrong and we say ‘dangerous’ because the equipment that is used is capable of causing irreversible damage to the skin.

The two main reasons that patients receive damage to their skin through tattoo removal are:

a) inferior equipment

b) inexperienced operators

Some examples of things which can go wrong with laser tattoo removal because of one – or both – of the above reasons include:

  • Permanent scarring
  • Pain caused through burning
  • Burns to the skin
  • Tattoo not being properly removed

The simple way to avoid any tattoo removal disasters is to ensure that you are going to a reputable clinic that has both high quality equipment and the experience to operate it. At Medical Skin Solutions we have a registered nurse whom is qualified and registered to operate laser equipment and also the best equipment available in the industry, the PicoSure.

We understand that removing a tattoo is a big decision which is why we offer free consultations including a tour of the clinic and information about the PicoSure laser technology.  If you would like to arrange to meet with one of our experienced staff for an appointment regarding laser tattoo removal, please contact our clinic during business hours.